Heart Steps Foundational Program

Start radically transforming your heart health in just 5 weeks!


90% of women have at least 1 risk factor for heart disease


Early heart attack signs are missed in 78% of women

2/3 of heart disease research is done on men, and women in Canada are less likely to receive care from a cardiologist, or be referred for aggressive diagnostic tests or treatments

Heart & Stroke Foundation 2018 Heart Report

It’s obvious, women are victims of a system that has not yet caught up with women’s reality of heart disease, and women are dying UNNCESSARILY.

I don't want this to be you! That's why I've created this program.

The content contained in this program is the same content I share with my patients who see me 1:1. I want you to get a head start, so I’ve packaged it into 5 modules you can complete at your own pace. Each week will cover one key pillar and provide actionable steps you can start right away. I want to take away the overwhelm so you know exactly what to do and how to do it!

Here is what you will be learning...

Module 1: Understanding your unique risk

Why we need better advocacy for women's heart health care

Myths and Misconceptions

Women - specific risk factors

Module 2: Fueling your heart


How to choose a heart wise lifestyle, not a diet

How to prepare food for optimal nutrition

Top 5 heart wise foods to include regularly

Module 3: Let's get moving


Understand types of exercise

How much is beneficial

The positive impact on heart and overall health

Create a simple routine/schedule to do weekly

Module 4: Managing stress and buillding resiliency for a healthy heart


The physiology of the Stress Response

Gain greater awareness of your stress levels, triggers and coping tactics

Health impacts of prolonged stress

Simple strategies you can use to dissipate stress

How to build resilience so you can adapt more easily when

faced with adversity and significant life stress

Module 5: Sleep for a healthier heart


Why sleep is so important

What the golden number is

Why so many women are struggling without answers

Actionable strategies to achieve deep restful sleep for optimal

heart and overall health (so you can kick ass during the day)


how it works/what you'll get

Upon Registration, you will gain immediate access to Module 1 and subsequent modules will be released 1 week apart to allow you time to work through the material and start implementing the key action items.

Support material and resources, checklists, and workbook are all included to help you move through the program and master the material.

Each module will provide you with an evidence-based, actionable foundation that will take you from feeling overwhelmed, to feeling confident that you are making the best choices to reduce your risk of heart disease.

right now you are at a juncture and the health of your heart can unfold in 2 ways

Option 1

You can continue as you are, googling information on the internet, talking to friends and family, and trying to sort through the overwhelm to 'figure it out' on your own. In the end not knowing where to start.

Option 2

You confront the overwhelm and invest in yourself. Take actionable, strategic steps to start moving your heart and overall health to a new level. Learn science-backed strategies and start implementing them once and for all.