Empower Yourself: Unveiling 8 Essential Questions To Ask Your Doctor That Will Revolutionize Your Treatment Journey

By ogreenspan | Jun 17, 2023

In my work as a naturopathic doctor and as a registered nurse, I encounter many patients that do not understand not only the medications they are on, but also supplements they have been prescribed. If you want the best care for yourself, and I know you do, you need to have agency over your health […]

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Early Menopause: What You Need To Know Now To Protect Your Future Heart Health

By ogreenspan | Jun 15, 2023

Early menopause occurs before the age of 45, and can be due to a decline in ovarian function or medically induced from a hysterectomy. One of the most significant but less talked about concerns of menopause is the heightened risk of cardiovascular disease women experience. If you have or are experiencing early menopause, this risk […]

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5 Changes In Menopause That Impact Your Heart Health

By ogreenspan | Feb 15, 2023

Many women dread the transition to menopause. Hearing the discontented experiences of friends, mothers and other women before them, it is assumed that menopause will be this dreadful rollercoaster ride that could last 5, 8 or up to 12 years! Due to the decline in protective estrogen, heart disease risk begins to climb during this […]

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5 Osteoporosis Myths You Need To Know About

By ogreenspan | Nov 14, 2022

Osteoporosis affects 2.3 million Canadians and is characterized by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue over time. It is known as the “silent thief” because it occurs over decades with no associated symptoms.[1] By the time a fracture occurs, the disease is advanced and the best option is medication to prevent future fracture […]

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6 Key Strategies for the Prevention and Treatment of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

By ogreenspan | May 20, 2022

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is becoming increasingly common but yet remains underdiagnosed, and is the most common liver disease in Canada. It is diagnosed in women who consume less than 20g/day of alcohol and in men who consume less than 30g/day of alcohol, and other causes for liver disease are ruled out. NAFLD is […]

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Two Tests You Need to Ask For if You Are Prescribed a Statin

By ogreenspan | Feb 16, 2022

Like any drug treatment (and even natural treatments) there are risks, but there are also benefits. Naturally our human brains tend to focus more on the negative – we are wired this way – but you can’t look at one side without consideration for the other. The class of medication called statins which include the […]

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Ignoring Snoring? It’s Not Just A Noisy Nuisance

By ogreenspan | Feb 4, 2022

Are you feeling that familiar elbow in your back night after night, or your/your partner’s snoring is so disruptive that you now sleep in separate rooms? Snoring can be a nuisance, but it can also represent a red flag that your heart and your health is in danger. Here is why you should not ignore […]

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5 Non-Negotiables To Sleep Better Than A Baby

By ogreenspan | Jan 16, 2022

Have you said “bye bye” to sleeping through the night? Are you feeling exhausted or “running on stress hormones” all day? Do not fear, I have some great tips (and an amazing recipe) for you! The science of sleep is fascinating, complicated and growing. Sleep is this daily thing that we all do and yet […]

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5 Mediterranean Grocery Staples To Keep Stocked In Your Kitchen

By ogreenspan | Jan 16, 2022

The famous Mediterranean diet – although I consider it more of a lifestyle than a diet – is one that is shared by the people living along the Mediterranean Sea. We tend to associate this eating style with those living in Italy, France, and Greece, but it includes many other countries such as Morrocco, Egypt, […]

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