I believe women deserve better heart health care

Your Healthy Heart Strategist

Women are victims of a system that has not quite caught up with women’s reality of heart disease.

“My mission is to remove heart disease off the top of the list of killers of women.”

How?  By transforming how women's heart care is done.

You are not a man. The same rules do not apply.

You deserve a woman-specific approach, one that looks beyond the traditional risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes and looks at your unique risk. I understand you are less concerned about what the statistics or a risk calculator says and more concerned about you, your unique risk and what you can do about it.

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in 5 days, learn 5 ways to reduce your risk of a heart attack

Don't have time for a full course?

Grab Your FREE Heart Steps Mini-Course.

Over 5 days you will get actionable steps you can start right away to improve your heart health...and it's FREE!

DIY heart steps Foundational program

This is a 5 week program that walks you through the key foundational pillars that I teach all my clients for optimal heart health.

Each week covers one of the 5 core concepts necessary to reduce heart disease and your risk of having a heart attack.

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