Often the first sign of heart disease in women is a heart attack. According to Heart & Stroke, every 20 minutes a woman dies of heart disease in Canada. This does not have to be you.

The good news? Heart disease is 80-90 % preventable, and I am here to help but it’s up to you!

Comprehensive Health History

 A thorough health history is critical in understanding your unique risk. The traditional risk factors like family history and blood pressure are important but so are your pregnancy history, your hormones, oral health, how much you sleep and why you aren’t getting enough, how often you are moving your body, and what you are fueling it with. Are you doing the things you love? How are your relationships? What are your heart’s desires? What are you doing right NOW for your heart? To me, this is more important than a score from a risk calculator.

Enhanced Testing

Heart disease is not simply a cholesterol disease. Comprehensive labs and specialty testing help us go deeper to provide an even better understanding of your heart and overall health. Cool tools like heart rate variability testing and HeartMath can also give us real time feedback on your nervous system and how it might be impacting your heart health.

Your Personalized Plan as Unique as You

After assessing your unique risk through your health history data, objective lab findings and identifying your health goals, a personalised heart wellness treatment plan will be created for you. You will be supported in implementing the plan and ongoing re-evaluation will make sure we are meeting your desired outcomes.

Shared Care

An integrative approach requires the expertise from other health care providers. When necessary, I will make referrals for additional support such as counselling, osteopathic, massage, chiropractic, or physio.

Re-Evaluate and Evolve

Health is not a destination, it’s a journey and requires continual tending to so you can live a heart-centred life. Life happens, things come up. Together, we will re-evaluate your progress and refine your plan to continue to meet your health goals.

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