6 New Year’s Resolution Hacks

So a new year has arrived and like so many others, you’ve probably decided that this year is going to be the year to stick to your New Year's Resolutions. If year after year you have found your dedication to your resolutions wavering a few weeks in, you’re not alone (myself included). In order for you to stick to your goal(s), consider these 6 things:

1. Do you have a specific action plan? This involves setting small goals and having a plan in place when you may be tempted by those left over holiday goodies. Don't just think about your goals and plan, write it down. When we write down our goals this increases our conscious awareness and tells our subconscious that this is important and to pay more attention to it.

"I am going to eat healthier this year" or "I am going to lose weight" are very general goals and can set you up for failure from the get go. Instead break it down into smaller, more manageable goals. For example, if you want to commit to eating healthier you may want to start with one particular meal of the day. Maybe focus on making breakfast your healthiest meal, and perhaps only start with 2 days/week. So, rather than trying to make each entire day full of the "right food choices", which can wear on your willpower fast, focus on one meal at a time.

2. Is your motivation for change intrinsic or extrinsic? Consider the deeper meaning in why you want to make the change. Change is hard for all of us but if you can be clear on what you value most and how your commitment to better health aligns with your purpose it will be much easier to avoid temptation and stick to your new habits in the long run. Perhaps your choice to lose 15 lbs is so you can have the energy to play with your grandchildren and show them good health, rather than just looking good for your high school reunion.

3. Track your progress. Whether it's weekly or monthly, looking in your rear view mirror and being able to see how far you've come can help maintain and increase motivation especially when you feel like you aren't succeeding.

4. Realize that slips are not failures but part of the process of change. Change is friggin' hard! and accepting that you will have good days and bad days is critical in order to avoid sabotaging your goals completely when you have fallen off track. When you have tracked your progress, you can look back and celebrate the successes you've made along the way and use that as leverage to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and get back on your resolution horse.

5. Add a new healthy behaviour rather than ripping out an unhealthy one like a weed. It’s well known that it is far easier to introduce new healthy behaviours rather than stopping old unhealthy habits. These new changes overtime can take up the space where an unhealthy habit lies, and help you feel better and more motivated to continue improving yourself.

6. Have a buddy system. Share your goals with someone you trust and who will cheer you on when you are feeling discouraged. Having a social support system is a proven way to keep us on track. When you publicly declare your commitment to a certain goal, your commitment is strengthened. When you have an ally and you're feeling weak, you have somebody to talk to and who understands you. If you're not feeling motivated that day, they can help motivate you and celebrate your successes with you along the way.

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Cheers to your best year yet!

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